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Alberta Baby Names 2018

Posted 21 April 2019

The Alberta Government  has released baby names data for 2018 for Alberta in Canada. Data is available for all names.

Female Names

The three most popular girls’ names are unchanged in 2018, with Olivia in first place, Emma in second and Charlotte in third. Emily climbs two places to fourth and Ava drops one place to fifth. Abigail moves up one place to sixth. Harper is a new entry in the top ten, climbing eleven places to seventh. Sophia drops four places to eighth and Amelia falls one place to ninth. Elizabeth is another new entry in the top ten, moving up twelve places to tenth. Aria and Chloe drop out of the top ten.

New entries in the top 100 names include Elena (up 35 places to 69th), Eliana (up 29 places to 75th), Sara (up 64 places to 77th), Ruby (up 31 places to 80th), Bella (up 88 places to joint 92nd), Kylie (up 49 places to joint 92nd), Brynlee (up 102 places to joint 96th), Eliza (up 102 places to joint 96th) and Emersyn (up 317 places to joint 96th).

Names dropping out of the top 100 include Rylee (down 20 places to 110th), Elise (down 22 places to joint 118th), Lydia (down 22 places to joint 118th), Sloane (down 51 places to 124th), Aubree (down 34 places to 128th), Arya (down 44 places to 134th), Brooke (down 65 places to 148th) and Alexis (down 63 places to 151st).

Male Names

Liam moves up one place to be the most popular boys’ name in 2018. Oliver climbs six places to second and Noah drops two places to third. Ethan moves up three places to fourth. Logan falls one place and is joint fifth with Lucas. Jacob moves up three places to seventh. William drops two places to eighth, Benjamin falls six places to ninth and Jack drops one place to tenth.

New entries in the top 100 include Elias (up 50 places to 64th), Maxwell (up 48 places to 72nd), Jonathan (up 65 places to joint 73rd), Rhett (up 37 places to joint 73rd), Greyson (up 53 places to 79th), Jude (up 55 places to 88th), Finn (up 39 places to 93rd) and Ali (up 50 places to 95th).

Names dropping out of the top 100 include Felix (down 34 places to joint 104th), Gavin (down 26 places to joint 104th), Aaron (down 40 places to 107th), Ryder (down 30 places to 110th), Cohen (down 53 places to 123rd), Ashton (down 51 places to joint 131st), Isaiah (down 43 places to joint 131st), Colton (down 39 places to 138th) and Bentley (down 43 places to 142nd).

Visit the name popularity tables page to view the tables in full, and to view tables for other years.

Data UpdatesCanadaAaron, Abigail, Alexis, Ali, Amelia, Aria, Arya, Ashton, Aubree, Ava, Bella, Benjamin, Bentley, Brooke, Brynlee, Charlotte, Chloe, Cohen, Colton, Elena, Eliana, Elias, Elise, Eliza, Elizabeth, Emersyn, Emily, Emma, Ethan, Felix, Finn, Gavin, Greyson, Harper, Isaiah, Jack, Jacob, Jonathan, Jude, Kylie, Liam, Logan, Lucas, Lydia, Maxwell, Noah, Oliver, Olivia, Rhett, Ruby, Ryder, Rylee, Sara, Sloane, Sophia, William

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