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England & Wales Baby Names 2016

Posted 29 November 2017

The Office for National Statistics  has published baby names data for 2016 for England & Wales in United Kingdom. Data is available for all names with a count of three or more.

Female Names

Olivia is the most popular girls’ name in 2016, changing places with Amelia who drops to second. Emily stays in third place, Isla remains in fourth, and Ava stays in fifth. Isabella climbs two places to sixth. Lily is a new entry in the top ten, moving up six places to seventh. Jessica drops one place to eighth, Ella falls three places to ninth, and Mia drops one place to tenth. Poppy drops out of the top ten.

New entries in the top 100 names include Luna (up 52 places to 78th), Iris (up 18 places to 84th) and Felicity (up 14 places to 97th).

Names dropping out of the top 100 include Bethany (down 18 places to 103rd), Lacey (down 24 places to 106th), Hollie (down 21 places to 115th) and Katie (down 34 places to 133rd).

Male Names

Oliver is the most popular boys’ name in 2016. Harry moves up one place to second and George climbs one place to third ahead of Jack, who drops two places to fourth. Jacob remains in fifth. Noah moves up one place to sixth, changing places with Charlie who drops to seventh. Muhammad is a new entry in the top ten, climbing four places to eighth. Thomas stays in ninth and Oscar remains in tenth. William drops out of the top ten.

New entries in the top 100 names include Arlo (up 53 places to 49th), Albie (up 19 places to 88th), Ezra (up 36 places to 91st) and Finn (up 26 places to 100th).

Names falling out of the top 100 names include Seth (down 14 places to 107th), Callum (down 27 places to 110th), Sonny (down 19 places to 116th) and Kian (down 27 places to 125th).

Visit the name popularity tables page to view the tables in full, and to view tables for other years.

Data UpdatesUnited KingdomAlbie, Amelia, Arlo, Ava, Bethany, Callum, Charlie, Ella, Emily, Ezra, Felicity, Finn, George, Harry, Hollie, Iris, Isabella, Isla, Jack, Jacob, Jessica, Katie, Kian, Lacey, Lily, Luna, Mia, Muhammad, Noah, Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Poppy, Seth, Sonny, Thomas, William

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