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France Baby Names 2018

Posted 9 November 2019

The Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques  has released baby names data for 2018 for France. Data is available for names with a count of three or more.

Female Names

Emma is the most popular girls’ name for the third year in a row. Jade moves up one place to second, changing places with Louise who drops to third. Alice remains in fourth, Chloé stays in fifth, and Lina is unchanged in sixth place. Léa climbs one place to seventh and Rose moves up two places to eighth. Anna is a new entry in the top ten, climbing two places to ninth. Mila falls three places to tenth, and Manon drops out of the top ten.

New entries in the top 100 names include Maëlle (up 21 places to 85th), Eléna (up 24 places to 87th), Laura (up 9 places to 95th) and Amélia (up 7 places to 98th).

Names dropping out of the top 100 include Pauline (down 23 places to 102nd), Ines (down 23 places to 106th) and Elisa (down 15 places to 114th).

Male Names

Gabriel is the most popular boys’ name for fourth year in a row. Raphaël moves up one place to second and Léo climbs four places to third. Louis drops two places to fourth. Lucas moves up one place to fifth, changing places with Adam who drops to sixth. Arthur climbs two places to seventh. Jules falls four places to eighth and Hugo drops one place to ninth. Maël is a new entry in the top ten, moving up three places to tenth. Nathan drops out of the top ten.

New entries in the top 100 names include Sohan (up 34 places to 68th), Diego (up 28 places to 74th), Ilyan (up 117 places to 84th) and Pablo (up 17 places to 95th).

Names falling out of the top 100 include Amine (down 22 places to 101st), Louka (down 13 places to 103rd), Younes (down 11 places to 109th) and Bastien (down 34 places to 126th).

Visit the name popularity tables page to view the tables in full, and to view tables for other years.

Data UpdatesFranceAdam, Alice, Amélia, Amine, Anna, Arthur, Bastien, Chloé, Diego, Eléna, Elisa, Emma, Gabriel, Hugo, Ilyan, Ines, Jade, Jules, Laura, Léa, Léo, Lina, Louis, Louise, Louka, Lucas, Maël, Maëlle, Manon, Mila, Nathan, Pablo, Pauline, Raphaël, Rose, Sohan, Younes

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