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South Australia Baby Names

Posted 10 March 2018

Data has been added to the site for South Australia in Australia. Data is available for the most popular baby names each year since 1944.

South Australia Flag

Names data has been sourced from Government of South Australia Attorney-General's Department . Data is available for all names. To view full information about which names are available and the source data please visit the source information and methodology page.

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The most popular names each year are as follows:

Visit the name popularity tables page to view the tables for each year in full.

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New LocationAustraliaCharlotte, Chloe, Christine, Daniel, David, Debra, Ella, Emily, Jack, Jason, Jessica, John, Joshua, Karen, Kylie, Lachlan, Margaret, Matthew, Michelle, Oliver, Peter, Rebecca, Robert, Ruby, Sarah, Sophie, Susan

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