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United States Baby Names 2018

Posted 19 May 2019

The Social Security Administration  has released baby names data for 2018 for United States. Data is available for male and female names with a count of five or more.

Female Names

The five most popular girls’ name are unchanged in 2018, with Emma in first place, Olivia in second, Ava in third, Isabella in fourth and Sophia in fifth. Charlotte moves up one place to sixth, changing places with Mia who drops to seventh. Amelia remains in eighth place. Harper is a new entry in the top ten, moving up two places to ninth. Evelyn falls one place to tenth, and Abigail drops out of the top ten.

New entries in the top 100 names include Nova (up 39 places to 56th), Isla (up 21 places to 81st), Ivy (up 22 places to 86th), Josephine (up 16 places to 91st) and Emery (up 23 places to 92nd).

Names dropping out of the top 100 include Peyton (down 12 places to 101st), Melanie (down 15 places to 105th), Aubree (down 24 places to 110th) and Isabelle (down 21 places to 113th).

Male Names

The four most popular boys’ names are unchanged from 2017, with Liam in first place, Noah in second, William in third and James in fourth. Oliver climbs four places to fifth. Benjamin stays in sixth place and Elijah moves up one place to seventh. Lucas is a new entry in the top ten, moving up three places to eighth. Mason drops two places to ninth and Logan falls five places to tenth. Jacob drops out of the top ten.

New entries in the top 100 include Axel (up 11 places to 94th), Everett (up 9 places to 95th) and Miles (up 12 places to 98th).

Names dropping out of the top 100 include Ayden (down five places to 104th), Gavin (down 15 places to 111th) and Chase (down 18 places to 112th).

Visit the name popularity tables page to view the tables in full, and to view tables for other years.

Data UpdatesUnited StatesAbigail, Amelia, Aubree, Ava, Axel, Ayden, Benjamin, Charlotte, Chase, Elijah, Emery, Emma, Evelyn, Everett, Gavin, Harper, Isabella, Isabelle, Isla, Ivy, James, Josephine, Liam, Logan, Lucas, Mason, Melanie, Mia, Miles, Noah, Nova, Oliver, Olivia, Peyton, Sophia, William

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