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World Baby Names uses government data to provide comprehensive forename popularity trends and statistics for France (total of Metropolitan France and overseas departments except Mayotte). Data is currently available for different names, from to . Find out how common your name is, and how its popularity has changed over time.

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Enter a name to see how its popularity has changed over time in France. Data is currently available for the years 1946‑2018.

To view information about which names are available and the source data please visit the source information and methodology page.

Most Popular Names

The most popular names in France in 2018, the most recent year for which data is available:

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Visit the name popularity tables page to view the tables in full, and to view tables for other years.

Name Clouds

View name clouds showing the most popular names each year in France. The larger the name in the name cloud, the more popular it was in that year.

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