Source Information & Methodology

Source information and methodology for France (total of Metropolitan France and overseas departments except Mayotte).

Names Data Information
  • Data is sourced from Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques .
  • Names data is currently available for the years 1946‑2018.
  • Data is available for names with a count of 3 or more each year only.
  • Names with accents have been treated as separate names.
  • Alphabetic characters that are not used in the French language (for example, "n" or "ș") have been removed from names. For example, the name of Romanian origin Rareș would appear as Rares.
  • Names have been converted to ‘proper case’ format, so names with the same spelling but different capitalisation have been grouped. For example, the name McKenzie will have been grouped with Mckenzie. A few names will have a lower-case letter where there should be an upper-case letter. For example, a forename of AJ will appear as Aj.
  • The available names data has been used to produce the following statistics for each name:
    • Rank: The position of a name when the list of names for a given year has been placed in order from highest count to lowest count. Names with an equal count have been given the same rank, and placed in alphabetical order in popularity tables.
    • Change in rank: The difference in ranks of a name between a given year and a previous year.
    • Count: The number of boys or girls given a particular name in a given year.
    • Relative change in count: The relative difference in counts between a given year and a previous year. The relative change is not the actual difference between counts, but gives a better idea of the change from a previous year by taking into account the different total number of births for each year.
    • Percentage of total male/female births: The number of boys or girls given a particular name in a given year as a proportion of the total number of male or female births in that year.
    Relative change in count and percentage of total male/female births statistics are only available for years where number of births data is available.
  • New names data is added to the site when it becomes available, usually around December each year.
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